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getting glass out of your foot

Posted by Mohamed Talaat On 5:39 PM No comments

Stepped in the kitchen where there was a broken plate and didn't realize. Now you have a small bit stuck in your foot, really deep. can't see it, but it pains to walk. tried splinter removers, needles, everything to get it out, but you have came to the right place!
You need epsoms salts. To draw the glass out of your foot you'll need to do this every night for 2 days to a week. Use a big band-aid or a piece of gauze. Put about a teaspoon of the epsoms salts on it. Add water to get a soft paste consistency. Tape it to the area on your foot where you think the glass is. If it dries out it won't be as effective so you want it moist before you go to bedso it works for at least a couple hours before it starts to dry. I've used this method for splinters and infected areas. It works great! The only thing is you may need to use it longer than usual if the area is stubborn, or if it's really deep.

لو دخل في رجل بنتك او ابنك او حتى انت شظية زجاج اخلطي شوية كربونات مع مية واعمليها تقيلة نوعا ما وحطيها مكان الشظية واستني شوية هتلاقي ان الشظية جزء منها خرج برة الجلد ....في الحالة دي استعملي الملقاط وخرجيها ..وربنا يعافي اولادنا جميعا إنشر للأفادة ..

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